I have spent over 20 years practicing and teaching Yoga and now after counltess hours of research I have created HiiYoga. This video series is open to anyone that needs to burn fat, relax, sweat and get healthy and do it all in a small amount of time in the comfort of your own home.

The series will consist of 5 videos
The first 4 videos are HiiY 5 Workouts - 5 Minute Workouts
- HiiYoga Sunburst - 5 Minute Workout
- HiiYoga Core - 5 Minute Workout
- HiiYoga Lower Body - 5 Minute Workout
- HiiYoga Strength - 5 Minute Workout
The HiiYoga Stamina is a 25 minute workout incorporating all 
4 workouts together with a one minute rest between each workout.

High intensity interval training is a superior method for fat loss than steady lower intensity steady state training. The reasoning behind this is two fold; high intensity interval training is more time effective method of expending energy and is also more efficient at fat burning based on energy expenditure.

The major goals of most endurance exercise programs are to improve cardiovascular, metabolic and skeletal-muscle function in the body. For years, continuous aerobic exercise (treadmills) has been the chosen method for achieving these goals. However, research shows that high intensity nterval training leads to similar and, in some cases, better improvements in less time for some physiological markers. Incorporating High Intensity Interval Training (with appropriate intensity and frequency) into your clients’ cardiovascular training gives them a time-efficient way to reach their goals.

And since both high intensity nterval training and continuous aerobic exercise programs improve all of these meaningful physiological and metabolic functions of the human body, incorporating a balance of both programs in clients’ training is clearly the “win-win” approach for successful cardiovascular exercise improvement and performance. Go high intensity interval training with HiiYoga.

HiiYoga Feedback

Thanks, Chaz!

Seriously this yoga rocks! You did an awesome job putting this series together- it’s challenging, exciting and exhausting. I did it twice in a row, best kind of workout for me ;-).
— Mary
Chaz love the idea of HiiYoga!
— Joe
The workout was great. I run and and do yoga on a regular basis, so this was a nice change of pace.
— Nicole
HiiYoga just whooped my butt in a really great namaste kind of way. Thanks!
— Grae